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Introducing the Crosshatch Engineering LLC 3D Printing Filament Guide System, the perfect addition to your 3D printing setup. With this guide system, you can easily redirect your filament from any storage container, wall, rack, cabinet or table around walls, ceilings and objects, allowing your filament to flow where you need it. The guide system comes with all the hardware you need, so you can easily mount it on sheetrock, wood or even 20x20 Aluminum extrusion (hello Ender enthusiasts!). 


Kit Includes:

  • Two (2) Guide Bars
  • Hardware Bag (lots of mounting screws - sheetrock, wood screws, more...)
  • Crosshatch Engineering LLC Sticker


Product Information:

  • Our Products are Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the United States of America
  • Hardware and Materials domestically sourced
  • Guide Bar is Additive Manufactured with Matte Fiber Filament and assembled with 4x Brass Insert(s), 4x Steel Metal Eye-Ring(s) & 4x Lock Washer(s)/Nut(s) 
  • Eye-Ring(s) have adjustment ability and are locked in placed with the included Lock Washer(s)/Nut(s) 


Pricing & Shipping:

  • Buy 1X Kit: $30.00
  • Buy 2X Kits: $45.00 (Promo Code "DOUBLE" ) $15.00 Savings
  • FREE SHIPPING when ordering within the United States


Purchase on ETSY: 3D Printing Guide System


Crosshatch Engineering LLC 3D Printing Filament Guide System

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